The company was founded in 1891 and nowadays enjoys worldwide brand recognition thanks to its extended sales, distribution and service networks across four continents and two manufacturing facilities, based in Italy and Malaysia, which produce technologically advanced products sold in more than 120 countries.




The ability to deliver long-lasting value to our customers and partners and expanding the applicability of our products in the marketplace have made us a major key player in today’s energy business.


  • Our committment to quality

    Our quality certifications guarantee the highest standards in all areas of our operations to ensure outstanding product quality allied to best-in-class service performance and minimal environmental impact. Marelli Motori products are designed to deliver maximum performance and high energy efficiency to achieve the lowest carbon footprint possible.

  • Extensive and diverse product range

    Our comprehensive range of motors and generators has been specifically designed to match the diverse requirements and needs of our customers, offering state-of-the-art solutions backed by outstanding application expertise.

  • The value of tradition

    Ours is a story of passion and innovation, but also a story of belonging. The success of a company is based on winning new markets. The Marelli Motori brand was strengthened on the international arena through continuous and significant technological investment in the production plant, and through the expansion of its product range in relation to the demands of its new market.

  • Inspired People

    Being creative and forward thinking is one of our strongest assets, we take pride in the ability to grasp and understand what the energy market needs and transform those requirements into products which create value for our customers.

  • Social Responsability

    Marelli Motori’s approach to social responsibility is based upon minimizing our impact on the environment and preserving the world’s natural resources. An essential part of this approach is to involve stakeholders, our supply chain, customers and institutions such as University in research activities aimed to respect the environment.




The corporate governance of the Parent Company, Marelli Motori s.r.l. Unipersonale (the Company), and the corporate boards are responsible for the following functions:
  • General Meeting: deliberates in ordinary and extraordinary sessions and decides on matters reserved to it by the law, particularly the Italian Civil Code, and the Articles of Association;
  • Board of Directors: consists of eight members responsible for the management of the Company and the Marelli Motori Group; it includes the appointed Chairman and CEO, but no internal committees;
  • Board of Statutory Auditors: consists of three Statutory Auditors, including the Chairman, and two Alternate Auditors, and is responsible for performing statutory controls over the Company. The Board of Statutory Auditors monitors compliance with laws and Articles of Association.
The external audit of the accounts is assigned to an independent auditing firm, which performs the audit autonomously and independently.
The Supervisory Board, composed of three members, one of whom is elected as Chairman, autonomously and independently performs supervisory and control functions with regard to the functioning, effectiveness and observance of the Organization, Management and Control Model adopted by the Company to prevent crimes resulting in administrative liability as defined under Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001.