Celebrating our founder
Celebrating our founder

21st April 2017 - One hundred years after the first electric motor was sold in Florence by Giacomo Pellizzari, his legacy is still very much alive in people’s mind.

Today our CEO Mauro Sacchetto has proudly received a very meaningful gift from a member his staff. Anna Zerbato, who works as a controller in the Finance department of the Arzignano plant, has donated a portrait of Giacomo Pellizzari to the company. The portrait has been hand painted by Anna’s father, Valter Zerbato, who is very fond of the local history and traditions.

I am very grateful for this donation received by one of our youngest employees. Our founder’s passion and commitment have been transmitted to the present day by countless individuals who in different ways were touched by his work” said Mauro Sacchetto.

Our people are the most valuable asset we have as a company and this painting featuring Giacomo Pellizzari is a very significant message of how inspiring he has been for the local community and how his principles have guided us until now” added our CEO when he was presented the painting (see photo below).