Our commitment to quality
Our commitment to quality


Quality certifications

The Marelli Motori Group uses an Integrated Management System (IMS) which monitors quality, health, safety and environment performances according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

Our quality certifications guarantee the highest standards in all areas of our operations to ensure:

  • outstanding product quality allied to best-in-class service performance
  • market leading customer satisfaction by ensuring compliance with all customer requirements from product reliability through to durability and ease of maintenance
  • a safe place to work in
  • minimal environmental impact in all our operations.

Our quality strategy

The Marelli Motori commitment to quality involves all employees from the boardroom to the shopfloor. Our aim is to help our employees to:

  • develop a culture of quality, heightening awareness of quality issues, skills with appropriate and information
  • ensure all employees comply with relevant IMS regulations and procedures for the highest product quality, health and safety, and environmental standards
  • plan and organise their activities with customer-oriented logic with customer satisfaction the ultimate goal at all times
  • continuous evaluation of employee proposals for the improvement of processes defining key objectives and goals for the minimisation of environmental impact and health and safety risks of the personnel involved
  • develop a culture where individual behaviour leads to a safer and healthier workplace
  • increase the awareness and involvement of all employees in work-related safety issues
  • promote the Marelli Motori commitment toenvironment, health and safety amongst the entire supply base ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship, enhancing the ability of both to create value.