ODP generators
Model MXB
Power Up to 150 kVA
Voltages Up to 690 V
Frame 160 ± 225
Pole 4
Cooling IC01 as per IEC 60034-6
IP IP 23 as per IEC60034-5 (up to IP 44)
Main Applications PRP and COP, Stand-by, Emergency, UPS, Portable
Poles (kVA 60 Hz)

187,5 102051
Certificates and testing

Applicable standards
Generators are designed in compliance with:
IEC 60034 - 60038 - 60072 - 1
CEI 2-3
BS 4999 - 5000
VDE 0530
NF 51 - 100
NF 51 - 111
OVE M - 10
NEMA MG 1.32
Generators conform to EU rules.
UL certifications available on request.
Test Certificate supplied with the machine.
Material certificates in accordance with EN 10204 : 2001 can be supplied. 102053
Main components

Rigid frame, rugged welded steel fabrication (EN 10025 - S235 JR).
Frame is provided with side ribs to increase the strength.
Marelli Generators for continuous duty operation are designed to meet vibration levels per IEC 60034-14, ISO 10816-1 and BS 5000-3. 102054
Shield NDE
Aluminium alloy 46100S T6 102055
Steel according to EN 10025 102056
Terminal board
Made of Bakelite PF2736 7-pins (from 160 to 180 frame size) 9-pins (from 180 to 225 frame size) 102057
PA 6.6 up to MXB 180 SC4 included - Aluminum alloy above 102058

ODP - Open Drip Proof 102059
Cooling System
IC 01 as per IEC 60034-6 102060
Degree of protection
IP 23 as per IEC60034-5 (up to IP 44) 102061
Horizontal single bearing - IM 2105
(double bearing available on request) 102062
Technical data

Stator/Rotor core
Laminated and enamel-insulated on both sides to minimise eddy-current losses 102063
Salient pole type.
Made by copper wire.
H class insulated with enamel coating.
Winding retaining by pass-through bars of high quality steel.
Rotating rectifier: Graetz diode bridge with 6 diodes.
Rotors are dynamically balanced 102064
General data
Single or double antifriction bearing grease lubricated (ball type)
Bearing lifetime >=20'000 hours
Bearing selection
Antifriction bearings.
Impregnation system
Stator and rotor are Roll deep impregnated 102066
Insulation system
Stator: H class insulated with a synthetic enamel.
Rotor: H class insulated with a synthetic enamel. 102067
Protective treatments
Standard impregnation with epoxy resin through high quality process.
CW1081 on request. 102068
Operating conditions

During continuous duty (S1), the following overloads are allowed:
10% for 1 hour
15% for 10 minutes
30% for 4 minutes
50% for 2 minutes
These overloads must be occasional and followed by one hour of running at normal load or less. 102069
Parallel operations
All generators are provided with an amply sized damper cage and are suitable for parallel operations with other generators, when equipped with the paralleling unit (available on 180 and 225 frame size). 102070
Transient ratings
All generators can be designed to meet specific reactance values (x'd and x''d). Values can be confirmed by contacting Marelli Motori. 102071
Three pahse short circuit current
Generators with auxiliary windings or PMG ensure a three phase short-circuit current (Icc) higher than 3 times the rated current (in): Icc > 3 In for 10 seconds (MXB 180 MB, MXB 180 LB and MXB 225 MB with MEC 20 AVR). 102072
Radio interference
All generators are equipped with Class B Group 1 radio interference filters as defined by EN 55011. 102073
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) / THF
The no-load voltage wave form is sinusoidal with THD content less than 2% / THF < 2% 102074
Vibration level is in accordance with ISO 10816. Measurement, evaluation and limits of vibration severity are in accordance with IEC 60034-14. 102075
Auxiliary device

AVR model
AVR model M00FA122A - MARK VX.
Dedicated AVR for optional PMG. 102076
AVR position
On right side viewed from D-end.
225 frame size front mounted. 102077
AVR supply
Mains as standard.
225 frame size auxiliary winding. 102078
Voltage sensing
Single phase 102079
± 0,5% (@rated load, balanced and not deforming, P.F. 0,8) 102080
EMI filter
Included 102081
U/F Under Frequency 102082