Marelli Motori, a world leader in designing, manufacturing and commercialisation of electric motors and alternators, is strongly convinced that people, working with passion and enthusiasm. are the heart of every company.
The value and potential of each person represents a key factor in the the success and consolidation of the company.
Marelli Motori is therefore always looking for new people with high potential, who want to be part of a globally recognised industrial entity, strongly tied to tradition but also strongly inspired by innovation.
Working at Marelli Motori means, among other things:

- Dealing with highly specialised technical subjects
- Constantly striving to improve your skills with targeted training programs
- Seeing your talent valued and rewarded

Our search is particularly aimed at finding people with technical-specialist training and skills in areas such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, energy and management. However, there are opportunities in different professional areas, for which educational degrees and diplomas within the economic, linguistic and social fields are highly valued by Marelli Motori.
Also our manufacturing area provides frequent job opportunities for qualified operating personnel in mechanical machining, assembly and testing of rotating electrical machines.
The ideal candidates, in addition to possessing professional skills, must be distinguished by mental flexibility, ability to work in a team and adapt to change. Knowledge of foreign languages and the command of major IT tools is also preferred.