“This project is particularly important to us because manufacturing generators which are to be installed in hazardous areas is something we feel very proud about”

Dario Cattin, Marelli Motori General Sales Manager

"We are starting off with 23 large medium voltage units specifically designed to fit the emergency gen-sets supplied to the Al-Zour plant through our customer IML Impianti. These products are totally customised to the final application requirements and we were able to win this contract due to our KNPC official vendor registration”.



Intergen has been in the energy business for almost 70 years, a a power industry market leader offering cutting edge solutions in the construction of electricity and heat generation systems. Intergen is part of the IML Group founded 110 years ago and Marelli Motori is proud to partner with them.

the challenge

To be awarded a contract with stringent requirements of safety, reliability and performance. Marelli Motori is officially listed in the Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) and can therefore bid and successfully win projects with the Middle East as a final destination.

the solution

Marelli Motori generators are suitable for oil & gas applications. We have supplied 23 large Medium Voltage units (MJHV series) to equip emergency gen-sets for the new Al-Zour refinery in Kuwait.

Marelli Motori manufactures electric motors and generators for the oil & gas market. 


MJHV 710 MB4

Power Up to 3000 kVA Frame 710
Voltages Up to 6.600 V Pole 4
Cooling IC 611 IP IP 55
Main Application Emergency    

innovative features

  • Generators equipped with sleeve bearings and special oil lube system. Compact solution with the possibility to start the generators in absence of power for oil pumps. This is a crucial feature for emergency gen-set.

  • Stator winding at rated voltage up to 11kV designed to comply with specific electrical parameters (like reactance) to allow large motor starting.

  • IP56 protection degree for the whole generator, realised with IC611 cooling method, special sleeve bearing seals, dedicated machining and gaskets on all parts in direct contact, such as air to air heat exchanger and frame, terminal boxes and frame, end-shields and frame, removable doors and frame.

  • Dedicated current and voltage transformers installed inside special terminal boxes located at the sides of the generators.

  • Optimised design on internal air flow by using dedicated calculation tools, in order to reach the requested output power with B class winding overtemperature at ambient temperature up to 55°C.







overall investment for the project


KNPC is developing a new multibillion grass root refinery in the Al-Zour area, 90km south of Kuwait City. 

The new Al-Zour refinery will account for 43% of the country's refining capacity and will be the largest in the Middle East producing 615.000 barrels per day. The refinery will supply low sulfur fuel to the local power plants, significantly reducing pollutant emissions.

Al-Zour will be one of the largest oil refineries in the world when it becomes operational in 2018.