Marelli Motori is supplying (2) 6000HP electrical motors for the new General MacArthur dredge.

The General MacArthur will be one of the most efficient and technologically advanced dredges to ever enter the USA dredging market.
The new General MacArthur will join the Callan Marine cutter suction dredge fleet in 2020.




Callan Marine, LTD. is a Texas-based company offering comprehensive dredging solutions for waterways and ship docks, major construction and expansion projects. Founded in 2009, Callan Marine performs dredging projects for both private and public clients by providing services to restore berthing depths for ship docks, navigation channels, or otherwise facilitate transportation in US waterways.

“Callan Marine’s General MacArthur will be the largest cutter suction dredge in the North American market. 
We are proud to have selected Marelli as the motor of choice for this landmark vessel. 
The General MacArthur required a dredge motor that promised dependability and tremendous power – Marelli Motori provided both.” 



This is one of the largest deck pump motor applications in dredging.

The motors built by Marelli Motori will be used to operate the large deck pumps that carry the slurry from the cutter to the shore.



These motors have the highest kW/kg ratio ever realized on 710 frame sizes. 
As overall size is vital in marine applications due to the limited space available for onboard equipment, the motors also have improved two sided ventilation using 4 auxiliary fan motors and 2 custom air to water heat exchangers to give superior cooling of the stator and rotor core.
These special heat exchangers reduced the overall height to make for an easier installation and maintenance on the vessel have been implemented.






B5VH 710LC8

Power 4447 Kw + sfl.15    Cooling type IC 86               
Speed 0 - 900 rpm  Standard IEC60034
Voltages 4160 V Survey TEWAC
Frequency 60 Hz Main Application Suction pump 
Protection degree IP 56    

Static and rotating elements have been optimized by numerical simulations to guarantee mechanical reliability and thermal efficiency of the alternators. The alternators have been designed and build-on matching the historical experience of Marelli Motori with the latest technologies.


KEY features

- Enhanced MV insulation system suitable for Variable Frequency Drive Applications


- Suitable for constant torque operation from 0-900rpm and field weakening up to 1000rpm


- Capable of 1.15 service factor and overload 110% rated torque

- Special coolers with reduced height, for easy installation and maintenance on the vessel


- Stainless steel main and auxiliary terminal boxes


- IP56 enclosures (frame, bearings, main and auxiliary terminal boxes)



290 ft


16 ft


24,000 HP


72 ft


7 ft