Custom made solutions for the steel industry




Custom made solutions for the steel industry

The Marelli Motori R&D team has developed a tailor made mechanical design which enable our electrical motors to perfectly fit the customer’s existing industrial plant.


This project involves 2 low voltage B5V motors series which will replace DC motors in a rolling mill application located in Spain.

The new motors mount special reduced height coolers and two-sided external ventilation and they have been developed to run in a tandem configuration.

These TEWAC motors IC 86W are designed to function with different outputs: 1565kW (476RPM), 2018kW (616RPM) and 1565kW (1313RPM). The shaft line has been designed for the whole torque and both B5V motors are coupled and aligned to guarantee the complete operation in all conditions.

Go to the motors product webpage to view all technical features of our B5V motor series.