Customised solutions for your total peace of mind




Customised solutions for your total peace of mind

Training & testing of a large generator built for a hydro power plant located in Eastern Europe.


This week we are holding a two-day training session specifically designed to answer all our customer’s questions about their electrical machines and how to operate them.

We are currently testing a medium voltage electric generator (2350kVA, 300rpm, 20 poles) which will be coupled to a vertical turbine. This machine has been designed and manufactured for our customer Fero Invest, one of the major hydro power industry player in Europe, and we were requested to offer also tailor made training sessions as part of the package.

Our Marelli Motori Service team provided detailed technical information about operation, trouble-shooting, voltage regulation, setting, operation and maintenance procedure. The training course included also a factory tour focused on service activities and the benefits of a correct maintenance.     

All tests carried out on the generator were performed in our in-house testing facility, using an advanced vertical test bench able to handle products up to 50 tons, speed range from 250 to 1800 rpm (overspeed till 2200 rpm) and voltage up 15kV.