Dynamic rotary UPS systems seminar




Dynamic rotary UPS systems seminar

What are the key challenges in the design of back-up power systems for data centers, airports, bank & financial buildings?


We are holding a technical conference on Dynamic Rotary UPS Systems at MEE in Dubai next week. During this session (March 5th) you will be able to learn and engage with our expert and customers to explore what Marelli Motori is offering to the new future-proof data center market.
Data centers are designed to house servers and network equipment and have redundant mechanical cooling, electrical power systems and network communication connections. However, existing data centers are not able to enlarge their IT equipment if the power architecture and the centralized cooling system were designed for rated power. Such designs cannot be modified either and, more importantly, they present many inefficiencies when servers work in “low load” mode. 

Optimizing modern data centers energy consumption is a key challenge today: transaction-based applications in fact require more stringent latency, server density increases and therefore associated heat generation is driving to adopt more efficient solutions for back-up power; modularity also brings a new approach to design, enabling additional servers when needed.
Seating is limited, click here to make sure you register free to attend MEE 2019 and attend our technical session in Sheikh Saeed Hall 2, h 15.00 - 16.00.