GWO qualified engineers for service activities on wind farms




GWO qualified engineers for service activities on wind farms

Very specific applications such as wind turbines need to be compliant with strict industry standards. Monitoring and servicing such applications require highly trained personnel.


Our GWO (Global Wind Organization) qualified engineers have performed electrical monitoring and temperature measurements on slip ring alternators located inside the nacelle of a wind farm in the South of Italy. 

The acquisition of data was performed through the electrical panel located at the base of the wind tower. The accurate analysis included voltage, current and power factor monitoring as well as operating temperature measurements of winding and bearings.

The GWO qualification represents a real added value for operators on the wind power market and allow our services engineers to carry out several servicing activities on board of wind turbine nacelles

The purpose of this specific project was to certify the generator performances in order to make sure that the whole plant is in line with the required industry standards.

Marelli Motori can offer dedicated predictive maintenance activities for slip ring generators installed in wind turbine nacelles including the analysis of:

  • stator and rotor power terminals
  • brushes
  • inspection windows
  • stator and rotor windings
  • heat exchanger
  • pumps and ventilated fans bearings
  • centralizing thermometric probes junction box

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