Hybrid electric ferry in UK equipped with our alternators and propulsion motors




Hybrid electric ferry in UK equipped with our alternators and propulsion motors

The latest market highlights show that the hybrid and pure electric boats and ships will rise rapidly to over $20 billion worldwide in 2027. Recreational boats are the largest and fastest growing electric marine market in terms of sales. The on-water commercial marine category is currently the largest marine electric vessel value market.


Our alternators and electric propulsion motors were chosen to equip the new innovative hybrid electric ferry “Victoria of Wight” recently built to support the British coastal traffic.

The Victoria of Wight has been built to match the conditions of the ports in which it operates in England. One of the most innovative points about the ferry is that it runs on a hybrid battery propulsion system. It is not possible to operate this vessel in other ports. This ferry has seven decks, with a total capacity of 178 cars and 900 passengers, which are very impressive figures for a daily crossing vessel. 

The main propulsion motors which were installed on board are 4 Marelli Motori B4V 500 type motors, with nominal power 950 kW (660V | 50Hz).  

The vessel batteries provide a support service to the diesel generators in operation and work as harbour generators in harbour mode. The batteries are charged by diesel gen-sets equipped with our MJRM 500 generators, nominal power 1267 kVA at (690V | 50 Hz)

We are very proud to have participated in this unique and innovative project, supplying products for a vessel which has been designed to be very efficient and environmentally friendly.

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