Hydro power project in Guatemala




Hydro power project in Guatemala

Energy production increased with the addition of other three generators in the Monte Bello hydro power plant.


Three new water-cooled generators are being installed in the Monte Bello hydro power plant located in Guatemala” announces Diego Marchezzolo, our Sales Area Manager for Latin America. “This addition will bring the total energy production capacity to 50MVA with 15 Marelli Motori units installed. With more than 70 units installed in Central America in the last 10 years, we have consolidated our leadership in the small hydro power plant segment”.

The new generators are our MJHRT 900 LA10 model (6100kVA, 6600V, 720rpm) coupled to Pelton turbines manufactured by Techno Hydro S.A.

The generators will be commissioned in 2019 by Marelli Motori engineers who will be onsite to ensure the correct start up and operation of the electrical machines. A professional commissioning always ensures the best possible performance of your electrical equipment and represents an investment over the entire lifetime of your system.

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