Mission Critical, generators for data centres




Mission Critical, generators for data centres

Technology is a key requirement in many industries and data centres are perhaps the most critical area in an age where each computer, mobile and application is data dependent.


The new future-proof data centres have more stringent requirements that offer an optimal solution for back-up power that guarantees business continuity.

Marelli Motori has unmatched industry expertise in data centre applications by supporting end-users, system integrators and genset makers, from the early design stage to field monitoring. Our extensive experience, coupled with a long collaboration with many major diesel and gas engine makers, has allowed us to reach outstanding levels of product performance and reliability.

We design and manufacture synchronous generators that meet the most demanding and stringent data centre requirements: 

Alternators are, in fact, key elements in such a critical environment: the winding must maintain low values of harmonic distortion and interference with telecommunications; the power supply to the AVR should be independent from unexpected sudden loads, and special arrangements should be taken for the insulation and enclosure in case of high levels of humidity.

Download our latest brochure dedicated to the data centres industry and find out more about our generators for static and dynamic applications. 


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