Servicing an 80 years old generator




Servicing an 80 years old generator

The Marelli Motori Service team met with history when we were requested to revamp an old hydro generator manufactured by San Giorgio in 1938.


This was a synchronous alternator (300kVA, 3200V, 16 poles) coupled to a vertical-axis Kaplan turbine located in Italy in an hydro power plant near Turin. The challenge for our Service team was to be able to restore a piece of very heavy equipment produced almost a century ago with technologies that have now become obsolete.

Thanks to more than 127 years of experience and a very professional & skilled group of engineers, the alternator was completely restored to his original working conditions. After cleaning and replacing the stator insulation with special techniques and materials, we have restored the generator poles, re-worked the shaft and supervised the machine alignment during reinstallation onsite.

Marelli Motori can perform repairs of low, medium and high voltage electrical machines either at our manufacturing facility or at the customer premises. All repairs and testing take place in our high-tech test room that can handle machines up to 5 MW and a 13.8 kV including the issue of functional test certificates and detailed repair reports. 

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