New inspired solutions for the refinery industry




New inspired solutions for the refinery industry

The energy sector is pushing up the global advancement of oil refinery at an aggressive pace.


Oil is a major component employed in the process of power generation and the demand in the global oil refinery market has correspondingly increased. Latest market researches show that the value of the refinery market has been $31 billion in 2018.

We design and manufacture electrical machines for several applications including oil & gas and we have recently developed a new configuration for our motor model B5H 450 L2 (700kW, 6000V, 50Hz, 3000rpm). This specific product has just been tested and will be installed in an oil refinery which is one of the largest in the Mediterranean area in terms of production capacity and structural complexity. This motor is for pump application and will replace another very old Marelli Motori motor which was previously supplied to the same plant. 

Amongst the other interesting technical features, this motor is fitted with water cooled sleeve bearings on D-End and N-End, so that the maximum performance is achieved keeping vibrations, noise level and maintenance needs as low as possible.

We were able to test this product at full load, as we always do with our products so that the actual operation conditions are reproduced and verified before the installation.

Marelli Motori has a state of the art test facility in Arzignano capable of testing motors (up to 4 MW, 0 ÷ 200 Hz) and generators (up to 10 MVA, 0 ÷ 400 Hz) in their original mounting arrangement (vertical and horizontal). Testing can be conducted at 50/60 Hz and variable speed in compliance with all major international standards (IEC, IEEE), customer specifications, marine/navy and ATEX rules.