Marelli Motori Latest News:

We are delighted to announce that today 20th June we have successfully concluded a very delicate phase in the history of the Marelli Group, when The Carlyle Group agreed to take over the ownership of the company from Melrose Plc.

Well aware that the continuous creation of value for our Customers and the incessant search for their full satisfaction form the foundations of Marelli Motori's success, we wish to express our high expectations accompanying this new course which has been very much welcomed by the whole Marelli Team worldwide.

We are certain that The Carlyle Group will allow Marelli to begin a new and exciting phase of developing further our solid and independent Marelli products and services towards new and ambitious goals for us and for our partners.

Below the official statement released today to the markets by The Carlyle Group.


Marelli Motori Company Profile:

Marelli Motori S.p.A. has a tradition dating back to 1891 when Ercole Marelli founded the Company. With over 100 years of manufacturing excellence and experience, Marelli Motori is recognised as a leading supplier to the Power Generation, Industrial, Petrochemical and Marine market sectors, offering a complete range of Generators and Electric Motors in low and high voltage. These quality products are backed up by an organisation of skilled people providing sales, service and technical support to the high standards demanded by our customers.
Marelli Motori designs, manufactures and sells:
  • Synchronous Generators in Low and High Voltage
  • Asynchronous Generators in Low and High Voltage
  • Generators for Hydropower, UPS, Cogeneration, Industrial applications
  • Asynchronous Motors in Low and High Voltage
  • Hazardous Area Motors (IP55, IP56, IP65) in Low and Medium Voltage
Each of these products are available in different types and power ranges:
  • Generators from 15 to 9,000 kVA
  • Motors from 0.12 to 4,000 kW
Marelli Motori offers a complete range of Generators and Electric Motors to a vast array of customers all over the world through the headquarter in Italy and the Overseas companies located in UK, Germany, Malaysia, South Africa and USA.