Our highly trained aftersales service technicians are capable of deploying, at short notice, anywhere in the world, rapidly diagnosing faults and ensuring fast and efficient maintenance and repair.

Marelli Motori personnel are trained to react quickly to any situation anywhere in the world. We rapidly analyse the source of machine problems and prescribe solutions which can get you ‘up and running’ quickly, minimising downtime and production losses.

For a plant to operate efficiently, disruption must be kept to a minimum and, when problems occur, corrective actions must be implemented quickly and effectively.
Marelli Motori Services are the solution to electrical machine problems, offering prompt technical support and ultra-fast response no matter where in the world you are located.


  • Commissioning of generators and motors
  • preventive maintenance
  • corrective maintenance
  • mechanical analysis
  • electrical analysis
  • bearing replacements
  • analysis and repair of sleeve bearings
  • windings repairs
  • mechanical repairs
  • alignment
  • regulation system check
  • parallel calibration ( Drop – Cos φ )
  • retrofit and revamping of regulation systems
  • retrofit and revamping of multibrand motors / generators
  • rotor balancing
  • network and loads analysis
  • cryogenic cleaning
  • drying windings
  • rotor voltage drop test
  • thermographic analysis
  • measurement of the shaft voltage / current
  • acoustic analysis
  • tan δ
  • partial discharges.


  • Operating temperature
  • bearing noise level
  • analysis of lubricant / grease
  • spectrum analysis
  • analysis with “Envelope”
  • analysis with “Shock Pulse“
  • ISO 152 43 analysis.


  • Measurement of insulation resistance
  • measurement of winding resistance
  • polarization Index
  • DAR Absorption Ratio
  • measurement of winding capacity.

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