Through our technical and application support services, we are able to constantly monitor your machines and ensure systems are functioning correctly. We can also provide support for installations of any brand, helping to optimize and extend the life of your equipment.

The correct functioning of electrical rotating machines requires regular maintenance and specific resources and skills. Incorrect maintenance techniques can in fact lead to serious failures resulting in lost revenue, so it is critical to contact a competent and specialist industry professional.

It is important to know for example, that there are specific maintenance tasks required for different equipment and these are not limited to just oil changes and greasing, but consist of dozens of different electrical and mechanical controls.
The data collected during such observations are then analysed by specialist personnel, provide a true indication of the condition of the machine, and also point to the possible need to take preventive measures to avoid failure.

Marelli Motori has designed special packages for maintenance services to take care of your machine throughout its lifecycle, while minimising the risk of a production failure and so guaranteeing overall peace of mind.

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