Meet the new D-Vo Light - the latest Marelli Motori digital voltage regulator

The new D-Vo Light combines performance, flexibility, user-friendly design and the Marelli Motori premium quality in one best value product.

Today, the Marelli Motori voltage regulators family has just got bigger with the new D-Vo Light model.
The new digital voltage regulator D-Vo Light is an electronic microprocessor-based device, which controls the operating electrical parameters of synchronous generators. 

The new D-Vo Light is a standard feature on all our marine generators but it is also compatible with any Marelli Motori generator for all the major power applications, from the industrial to the oil & gas industry.

This new digital regulator can be easily set-up from your PC with the D-Vo Dashboard, a proprietary PC application supplied by the Marelli Motori Group and downloadable from our website.

The D-Vo Light has the same premium quality as the well-known Marelli Motori D-Vo regulator and entry-level specification.


Four operating modes:

  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR mode)
  • Power Factor Regulation (PF mode)
  • Reactive power regulation (VAR mode)
  • Field Current Regulation (FCR mode)

Reliability and performance: 

  • The PWM technology up to 10A continuous and 20A forcing power stage guarantees high system performance to load transients
  • A reliable solution in case of high waveform distortion caused by non-linear loading
  • Stable and accurate control even with highly disturbed voltages
  • Tension spring terminals for reliable wiring and easy replacement
  • Single o three-phase sensing
  • Diode monitoring embedded


  • Upgradable firmware
  • Adaptable to any system - shunt, auxiliary winding, permanent magnet generator, or dc fed.
  • Proprietary dashboard to adapt the regulator to your requirements

User-friendly design:

  • USB port for setting monitoring and diagnostics
  • User-friendly dashboard interface

For more information, download our flyer and spec. sheet, or Find your sales contact.