Marelli Motori solution increases efficiency in hybrid marine propulsion systems

Marelli Motori’s R&D; the team in Arzignano has developed a new mechanical and electromagnetic design of induction motors to improve the efficiency of hybrid propulsion systems in marine applications.

The customer, one of the major global players in the marine energy business, had requested an electrical motor able to operate in three different operation modes with specific requirements for every single mode.

Marelli Motori’s technical know-how on electromagnetic behaviour was key in satisfying the customer’s demanding expectations. The solution, for this fishing trawler application, included a type B5V 560 motor, working at a speed range of 0 to 1200 rpm and fed by an inverter at the variable voltage and frequency.

B5V 560 motor (right) during testing procedures in our Arzignano plant.

Technical specs:

-    PTO (Power Take Off, the electric machine is used as a generator under VFD): 3500 kW @ 660V - 60Hz - 1200 rpm,
-    PTI (Power Take In,  the electric machine is used as a motor which boosts the propeller): 620 kW @ 660V - 60Hz - 1200 rpm,
-    PTH (Power Take Home, the electric machine is used as a motor for emergency operation): 1500 kW @ 468 V - 42.5 Hz - 845 rpm.

Marelli Motori’s engineers focused on optimizing all of the mechanical aspects (heat exchanger, sleeve bearings and ventilation system), minimizing losses while improving dissipation. The final result: great performance and enhanced power of the electrical machine in all 3 operating modes.

Marelli Motori B5V 560 motor after painting and before final shipment.

The enhanced electrical motor which greatly improves the efficiency of hybrid propulsion systems will be installed on a fishing trawler.

For more info on our power solution for marine applications, please visit our dedicated web section.

About Marelli Motori

Marelli Motori is a leading manufacturer of electric motors and generators. Founded in northern Italy in 1891, the company enjoys worldwide brand recognition in the marine, oil & gas, power generation, co-generation, hydro and other industrial sectors.

Marelli Motori employs around 900 people and operates extensive manufacturing facilities in Italy and Malaysia with its own subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, the UK and South Africa and has an extended sales, distribution and service network across four continents, supplying its technologically advanced products in more than 120 countries. 

In May 2019, Marelli Motori was acquired by Langley Holdings plc, the British engineering and industrial manufacturing group.