Marelli Motori welcomes youngsters affected by the Chernobyl disaster

A group of children aged between 7 and 10 years from Belarus, who suffer the effects of low-level radiation from the 1986 nuclear disaster, visited Marelli Motori as part of their month-long stay with host families in Italy organised by the charity Comitato di Arzignano per Progetto Chernobyl.

The children enjoyed daily lunches in the Marelli Motori canteen during the duration of their one-month-long stay in the Arzignano area. 

Belarus received around 70 per cent of the radioactive fallout from the explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant in neighbouring Ukraine. After 33 years, the horrifying effects of radiation leaks are still being felt today and will be for future generations. Children from the area often have compromised immune systems making them susceptible to various life-changing illnesses and can be prone to suffering flu and colds, persistent headaches, dizziness and sore throats.

Luca Parolari, Group CEO Marelli Motori said: 
“This is the tenth year we have welcomed visiting children to our facility and we will continue to do so for as long as they want to come.  There are big health benefits for the children spending four weeks away from their contaminated homeland, eating good healthy Italian food and breathing in the fresh mountain air. Whilst they are here we also try to give them as many lovely experiences as possible.”

The children sing in Russian and Italian, and as a thank, you gesture to Marelli Motori they wave the Italian flag during their performance.

Pictured in the Marelli Motori canteen - group photo of the children and their carers presenting a thank you gift to representatives of Marelli Motori’s Management: 2nd left back row: Nicola Battistin (Chief Operating Officer). Paolo Bedin (Chief Commercial Officer) and Paolo Buratto (Head of Human Resources).

The children sing and dance holding paper storks; a symbol of prosperity and hope for a bright future.

About Marelli Motori

Marelli Motori is a leading manufacturer of electric motors and generators. Founded in northern Italy in 1891, the company enjoys worldwide brand recognition in the marine, oil & gas, power generation, co-generation, hydro and other industrial sectors.

Marelli Motori employs around 900 people and operates extensive manufacturing facilities in Italy and Malaysia with its own subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, the UK and South Africa and has an extended sales, distribution and service network across four continents, supplying its technologically advanced products in more than 120 countries. 

On 24 May 2019, Marelli Motori was acquired by Langley Holdings plc, the British engineering and industrial manufacturing group.