Hydro generators with new DVo regulator

Two new hydro generators will soon be on route from our factory in Arzignano, Italy, to Bad Ems in Germany where they will be connected to a vertical Kaplan turbine producing clean energy from water.

The two new generators have been equipped with our new D-Vo voltage regulator, launched by the company in March at the MEE 2019 event in Dubai.

D-Vo is an electronic microprocessor-based device that controls the operating electrical parameters of synchronous generators and can be interfaced and programmed using the standard Modbus communication protocol and a proprietary PC application, supplied by Marelli Motori.

Our customer specifically requested the synchronous machines be supplied with D-Vo to comply with Germany’s grid code requirements. 

The new D-Vo regulator is a standard feature on all our generators ≥800 frame size and all HV generators, but it is also compatible with any Marelli Motori generator like these 2 MJT 400 MB8 models pictured below (390kVA, 400V, 50Hz, 750rpm).

For more information, please download our flyer and spec. sheet, or contact your sales representative at Find your sales contact.

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