Commissioning ensures the best possible performance of your electrical machines and represents an investment over their entire lifetime.

Warranty extension

Should you require a long warranty period for your Marelli Motori equipment we can offer the extension of your commercial warranty terms.

Technical trainings

Marelli Motori offers technical training programs which provide our business partners with the technical knowledge they need to better use our products.

Spare parts

Genuine Marelli Motori spare parts are available at all our locations and supplied to distributors, OEM's and end users worldwide to better assist you throughout the life cycle of your machines. We offer packages of spare parts calibrated to your individual needs.

On site services

Marelli Motori offers technical support and ultra-fast response no matter where in the world you are located. For a plant to operate efficiently, disruption must be kept to a minimum and, when problems occur, corrective actions must be implemented quickly and effectively.

Predictive diagnostics

A full set of predictive tests on all the electrical and mechanical functional parameters is the most effective procedure available to protect machines from failure and down-time.

Overhauling and repairs

When a machine fails it is vital that a repair is performed quickly to ensure a swift return to operation. Marelli Motori can perform repairs of low, medium and high voltage machines of any brand either at our manufacturing facilities or at the customer's premises.

Maintenance contracts

The correct functioning of electrical rotating machines requires regular maintenance and specific resources and skills. Incorrect maintenance techniques can in fact lead to serious failures resulting in lost revenue, so it is critical to contact a competent and professional industry specialist.

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