The correct functioning of electrical rotating machines requires regular maintenance and specific resources and skills. Incorrect maintenance techniques can in fact lead to serious failures resulting in lost revenue, so it is critical to contact a competent and specialist industry professional.

The Marelli Motori support service has devised maintenance contracts to suit any specific requirement.

Our preventive maintenance contract includes:

  • Periodic visits to site for maintenance and electrical and mechanical predictive diagnosis
  • upply of consumable components and related labour
  • a detailed report post visit
  • renewal of the guarantee on the machine until the next visit
  • spare parts with particularly advantageous discounts.


  • Convenience of the service purchased in the form of a contract
  • minimised risk of failure and system downtime
  • prevention of catastrophic failures
  • assurance of correct functioning and performance of the monitored machine
  • extending the life of the machine
  • maintenance scheduling according to the intervals recommended by the manufacturer
  • extension of the warranty on the machine
  • 24/7 telephone technical support (on request).

Our corrective maintenance contract

Corrective maintenance, also called ‘maintenance in breakdown’, is an extraordinary maintenance programme that provides repair and replacement of equipment following a breakdown. Corrective maintenance takes effect post fault occuring, with a core aim of recovering machine performance.

The service comprises a package of days / technician for on-site interventions, inclusive of:

  • Labour time of the technician to restore the machine
  • travel and accommodation costs incurred by the technician, are all inclusive within the fee
  • a full report following the intervention


  • Convenience of the service purchased in the form of a contract
  • guaranteed intervention times
  • minimised system downtime due to immediate maintenance operations
  • spare parts with dedicated discounts
  • priority in the availability of spare parts
  • 24/7 telephone technical support (on request)

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