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Marelli Motori designs solutions aimed to deliver the right balance between efficiency and performance.

Analogue Voltage Regulators

Marelli Motori analogue regulation systems are suitable for low and medium voltage machines. The regulators are fully insulated in order to mantain high reliability also with severe ambient conditions (high level of humidity, dust, salt atmosphere) and in case of high vibration level. The AVRs can work both for single and three phase operations.

Digital Regulators

Marelli Motori digital regulation systems provide functional and reliable solutions for the excitation control of synchronous generators. These highly integrated and robust AVRs are fully configurable and guarantee easy commissioning, monitoring and maintenance by user-friendly proprietary HMI (human-machine interface) software.

A wide range of built-in control functions, protections and operating modes make Marelli Motori digital AVRs flexible and suitable for a wide range of applications, including marine, hydro and cogeneration. The new D-Vo regulator is a standard feature on all our generators ≥800 frame size and all HV (std) generators, but it is also compatible with any Marelli Motori generator.

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  • D-Vo Light digital AVR

  • D-Vo digital AVR

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