Our History

Our history

“Creativity, vision and the ability to understand the everchanging needs of our market is our biggest asset, since 1891”.

1891 The Beginning

Ercole Marelli sets up a small factory in Milan, specialising in the production of electrical motors and equipment. Soon after in Vicenza, Antonio Pellizzari founded his first workshop in 1901.

Marelli Motori was created from the fusion of these two successful and innovative Italian companies.

1931 A Great Workshop

The Pellizzari & Figli is a rapidly developing Italian company. Many patents are registered during a sharp period of important social events for an evolving industrial country.

1950 No Longer A Workshop

The Pellizzari & Figli workshop became a pioneering company with seven production sites in Vicenza and two in South America. In 1953 it celebrated with much pride the millionth motor produced in Arzignano.

1970 A New Factory Plant

A number of successful collaborations with public and private sectors sees a new era of innovation for electromechanical applications both domestically and internationally.

The Company continues to develop, consolidating and reinforcing a distinctive identity within the industry and in 1970 a new site is built in Arzignano, which forms the basis for the facility used today.

1991 The Value Of Tradition

Marelli Motori confirm their position in the global market. New partnerships are the key to manufacturing a wider range of technologically advanced electric motors and generators.

2019 Langley Holdings Acquisition

Marelli Motori is acquired by the privately-owned UK group, Langley Holdings PLC, a globally operating, multi-disciplined engineering and industrial manufacturing concern , providing capital equipment technologies to diverse markets around the world.

2021 Powering the Future

Looking to the future and a more sustainable planet, a commitment to Going Green is made.
New permanent magnet technology represents a viable solution in multiple fields giving the best electro mechanical conversion efficiency in rotating equipment. In the past 130 years Marelli Motori technology has continually evolved. Today and beyond, we are at the forefront of sustainable industrial advances to keep on powering the future.

Marelli Motori - 130 years of..."powering the future"

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