D5K - D6K - D5R

Model: D5K - D6K - D5R
Power: Up to 200 kW
Voltages: Up to 690 V
Atex protection: Ex d II C T4 Gb
Frame: 71 ± 315
Poles: 2, 4, 6, and 8
Cooling: IC 411 on request IC 416
IP: IP 55 / 56 / 65
Enclosure: TEFC – Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motors.
Main Applications: Centrifugal & reciprocating compressor, Conveyor systems, Cranes, Extruders and expanders, Heat exchangers and blowers, Mills, Mixers, Pumps
Sector: Oil&Gas

Atex Protection Starting 71 to 132 frame 160 to 450 frame
Ex d IIC T4 Gb DOL D6K D5K
Ex d IIC T4 Gb VFD D6K D5R
Ex de IIC T4 Gb DOL D6Y D5Y
Ex de IIC T4 Gb VFD D6Y D5V
Poles kW
2 200
4 200
6 143
8 132

Frame is made in steel. (EN 10025-S235 JR)

Made in cast-iron (EN 1561 – GJL 200 or better for D6 motors)
Made in steel (EN 10025-S235 JR or better for small D5 motors)

General data - Made in carbon steel (EN 10083 – 2 C45)
Shaft design - Cylindrical shaft with key.

Main terminal box
Mounted on top.
Made in cast iron. (EN 1561 – GJL 200 or better)

Made in thermoplastic reinforced with glass

Cooling System
IC 411 as per IEC60034-6.
Totally enclosed standard motor, frame surface cooled with fan 
4: frame surface cooled 
1: self circulation of prymary coolant 
1: self circulation of secondary coolant 
On request for variable speed application an external ventilation unit can be supplied to get the IC416 cooling type.

Degree of protection
IP 55 as per IEC60034-5. (Available up to IP 65)

Motors from 71 to 132 frame size are certified by BVI.
Motors from 160 to 315 frame size are certified by CESI.
Ex d/(de) according to IEC/EN 60079-1/60079-7 and ATEX directive 94/9/EC

Stator/Rotor core
Laminated and enamel-insulated on both sides to minimise eddycurrent losses.
The stator winding is made in flat copper or round copper wire depending on the machine size.
The completely wound stator pack with housing is thereby impregnated in an epoxy-resin VPI.
The subsequent heat treatment hardens the resin.

Short circuit rotor type.
Depending on machine size, the rotor construction is usually a solid shaft type.
The rotor winding can be either a pressure die cast aluminum or a copper bar construction.

Motors are normally fitted with single-row deep groove ball bearings. 

  • Up to 132 frame size bearings are lubricated for life.
  • From 160 frame size and above motors are supplied with regreasable bearings and greasing nipples on both ends.

The motor bearings are designed according to the principle that the locating bearings are on the D end side and the floating bearings on the ND end side. 
Bearings are first greased in the factory with lithium base grease. 
The used grease is removed through a valve locked in the outer bearing cover. Sleeve bearings available as an option.

Impregnation system
Stator is VPI treated with an unsaturated polyester amide resin which is polymerisation in an oven.

Insulation system
Stator: F class insulated with a synthetic enamel. 
(H class insulation available on request)

Protective treatments
Specific Oil&gas treatment.

Mechanical vibrations correspond to the limits specified in EN 60034-14 and are certified by the test room.

Rating plate
Stainless steel, thickness 0,5 mm.

Optional features

  • Reinforced insulation suitable for frequency converter application
  • dual / multiple winding configuration
  • special shaft end on both sides
  • increase protection degree up to IP 56 / 65
  • encoder
  • vibration sensors
  • special frame design to suite the application
  • insulated bearings design
  • other options available on request.