Power Up to 2.400 kW

Voltages Up to 11.000 V

Model IP55
LV A6C - B6C - A5C - B5C

Frame 71 ÷ 560

Poles 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10

Cooling IC 411 ( IC 416 optional)

IP IP 56 or IP 65 (IP 65 not available for A6C)

Enclosure TEFC MOTORS – Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled

Main Applications Cement, Chemical, Manufacturing processes, Metals, Mining, Power, Pulp and paper, Sugar mill, Water pumping and treatments

Sector Industrial

Poles kW 50 Hz kW 60 Hz
2 900 -
4 2000 2400
6 1800 2160
8 1250 1500
10 1000 1200

Motors from size 71 to 132 are made in cast iron.
Motors from size 160 to 280 are made either in aluminum or in cast iron (optional).
Starting from frame 315 and up to 500 the frame is in cast iron only.
(EN 1561-GJL – 200)

Made of grey cast-iron (EN 1561 – GJL 200) up to 560 frame size motors.


General data: Made in carbon steel (EN 10083 – 2 C40 – TN) up to 500 frame
Shaft design: Cylindrical shaft with key.


The table below, show the materials used on the mechanical components for standard motors. 
Terminal box casted with frame for 71 and 80 sizes

Components Frame size 71-132 Frame size 160-280 Frame size 315 Frame size 355-400 Frame size 450-500 Frame size 560
Frame Cast Iron Aluminum / Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron Steel
Endshields Cast Iron Aluminum / Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron Steel
Fan Cowl Steel Steel Steel Fibreglass Fibreglass Steel
Fan Thermoplastic Thermoplastic Thermoplastic 2 poles polyamide >= 4 poles aluminum 2 poles polyamide >= 4 poles aluminum Steel
Terminal Box Cast Iron Steel Steel Cast Iron Steel Steel

Main terminal box
Mounted on top and made of cold-rolled formable steels EN 10025 – S235JR or cast iron depending from size. Degree of protection of standard terminal box is IP 55.

Frame size Type of terminal Terminal size Maximun conductor section [mm²] Maximun cable diameter Clearance holes formetric cablands
71-80 Threaded Terminals M6 10 15 M25 X 1,5 + M20 X 1,5 (aux)
90-132 Threaded Terminals M6 10 21 M25 X 1,5 + M20 X 1,5 (aux)
160-250 Threaded Terminals M8 35 38 M40 Knockout opening M50 Knockout opening
280-315M Threaded Terminals M12 120 43 2 X M63 Knockout opening
315L Threaded Terminals M12 120 43 2 X M63
355-400 Flat copper bars M12 2 X 300 / Undrilled gland plate
450-500 Flat copper bars 6 X 300 / / Undrilled gland plate
500 Flat copper bars M16 8 X 300 / Undrilled gland plate

Cooling System
IC 411 as per IEC60034-6
Totally enclosed standard motor, frame surface cooled with fan
4: Frame surface cooled
1: Self circulation of primary coolant
1: Self circulation of secondary coolant
On request for variable speed application an external ventilation unit can be supplied to get the IC 416 cooling type.

Degree of protection
Motors are supplied in IP 55 as per IEC60034-5 (IP 56 or IP 65 available on request)

Mounting and positions are defined according to IEC 60034 - 7
See complete list at page 20 of Industrial motors catalogue.

Stator/Rotor core
Laminated and enamel-insulated on both sides to minimise eddy-current losses. 
The stator winding is made of flat copper or round copper wire depending on the machine size. 
The completely wound stator pack with housing is thereby impregnated in an epoxy-resin VPI from 355 frame size. 
The subsequent heat treatment hardens the resin.
Up to 315 frame size the wound stator pack is impregnated by rolling deep technology.

Short circuit rotor type.
Depending on machine size, the rotor construction is either a solid shaft or welded ribbed shaft.
The rotor winding can be either a pressure die cast aluminum or a copper bar construction.

General data
Antifriction bearings grease lubricated (ball or roller type) or oil lubricated sleeve bearing.
The theoretical lifetime of bearings, L10h according to ISO 281/1 standard, of standard horizontal construction motors, without external forces (radial and/or axial) is in excess of 50 000 hours. 
On request, the lifetime of bearings, L10h can be in excess of 100.000 hours.
Sleeve bearings available as an option from 355 frame and above.
On request special bearings are designed where high radial and axial forces are applied.

The motors from 160 to 250 frame size have single screen prelubricated ball bearings (without grease nipples).
The correspondent grease life under normal operating conditions for a motor with horizontal shaft, at 50Hz and maximum ambient temperature of 40°C is

  • 10 000 hours in continuous duty for 2-pole motors
  • 20 000 hours in continuous duty for 24-pole motors

The motors from 280 frame size and above have regreasable bearings (with grease nipples Tecalemit UNI type) and the relative exhausted grease drainage. 

Impregnation system
Up to 315 frame size: stator is impregnated with rolling deep technology.
Starting from 355 frame size: stator is VPI treated with an unsaturated polyester amide resin which is polymerised in an oven.
(For other size is available on request)

Insulation system
Low and medium voltage
Stator: F class insulated with a synthetic enamel.
(H class insulation available on request)

Protective treatments
Dedicated protective enamel is applied on the winding.

Two terminals exist for grounding, one inside the terminal box and one outside.

Condensation drainage
When installed outdoors or used for intermittent work in environments with high humidity levels, motors must be provided with holes for condensation drainage.
Motors with frame sizes from 280 to 500 have holes for condensation drainage as standard. Motors can be supplied with drainage holes on request.

Anticondensation heaters
Motors subject to atmospheric condensation, either through standing idle in damp environments or because of wide ambient temperature variations, may be fitted with anticondensation heaters. 
Anticondensation heaters are normally switched on automatically when the supply to the motor is interrupted, heating the motor to avoid water condensation. 
They are normally mounted on D-end winding heads.
Normal feeding voltage is 220//230/240V.
Motors can be supplied with anticondensation heaters with terminals in main terminal box (Opt. 108) or, with terminals in a separate terminal box (Opt. 109).
The power values normally used are shown in the table below:

Frame size Power [W]
90 - 112 8
132 25
160 - 180 50
200 - 250 65
280 100
315 200
355 300
400 - 450 400
500 600
560 800

Thermal protections

Standard magnetothermal circuit brakers are sufficient to suitably protect the motor from overloading. 
Anyway the motors can be supplied with additional thermal protections with the characteristics described in the following table.

Type Operating principle Active temperature [°C]
Positive temperature coefficient thermistors PTC At the active temperature this device quickly changes its resistance value. 155
Platinum resistance thermometer PT100 Variable linear resistance with the winding temperature, particularly suitable for a continuous winding temperature monitoring. Set up in control panel

Motors from 315 frame size are supplied with N. 3 PTC with terminals in main terminal box, in standard execution. 
Frame size from 355 are supplied with terminals in separate terminal box, in standard execution.
Motors from 160 frame size can be supplied with PT100 thermal detectors on the bearings on request.

Optional features

  • Dual/multiple winding configuration
  • flanged shaft or special shaft end on both sides
  • increase protection degree up to IP56 and IP65
  • encoder
  • vibration sensors
  • special frame design to suite the application
  • special bearings (sleeve or angular contact bearings)
  • reinforced winding for VFD operation
  • insulated bearings design for VFD application
  • shaft earth brush for VFD application
  • other options available on request