Model B4W
Power Up to 5.100 kW
Voltages Up to 690 V
Power LV 300 ÷ 6000 kW
Power HV/MV 250 ÷ 5500 kW
Frame 355 ÷ 800
Poles 4, 6, 8,10 and 12
Cooling IC 611 (or IC 616 optional)
IP IP 55
Enclosure TEAAC - Totally Enclosed Air to Air Cooled 
Main Applications Cement, Chemical, Manufacturing processes, Metals, Mining, Pulp and paper, Sugar mill, Water pumping and treatments
Sector Industrial

Cooling System
IC 611 as defined by IEC60034 - 6. 
Closed machine with mounted heat exchanger, using air as the primary and secondary coolant.
This cooling method is suitable for motors installed in locations with limited or no access to cooling water.
Shaft mounted fans are fitted both inside and outside of the casing to supply the inside and outside cooling circuits respectively. 
The motor is protected against dust and splashing water from any direction.

Protection degree
Up to IP 55 as defined by IEC60034-5.

Insulation system
Class F or H are available.

Protective treatment
VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation).
Winding are impregnated with high quality materials using the latest technologies.

Impregnation system
To whitstand salty atmosphere and for sandy environment.
Special treatments for corrodsive ambient to meet ISO 12944 on request. 
Customizable terminal boxes for main and neutral connections.

B4W series
B4W motor series have been expressly designed to work in the most severe environment conditions.
Rigid frame, rugged welded steel fabrication (EN 10025 - S235 JR)

Terminal boxes
Terminals are suitable for multiple cable connections.

Auxiliary boxes
Dedicated terminal boxes for auxilairy devices.

Stator/Rotor core
Laminated and enamel-insulated on both sides to minimise eddy-current losses.
The stator winding is made of flat copper or round copper wire depending on the machine size. 
The completely wound stator pack is thereby impregnated in an epoxyresin VPI. 
The subsequent heat treatment hardens the resin.

Squirrel cage rotor type.
Depending on machine size, the rotor construction is either a solid shaft or welded ribbed shaft.
The rotor winding can be either a pressure die cast aluminum or a copper bar construction.
Dual/multiple winding configuration

Antifriction bearings grease lubricated (ball or roller type) or oil lubricated sleeve bearing.
The theoretical lifetime of bearings, L10h according to ISO 281/1 standard, of standard horizontal construction motors, without external forces (radial and / or axial) is in excess of 50.000 hours. 
On request, the lifetime of bearings, L10h can be in excess of 100.000 hours.
Locating bearings are on the D end side and floating bearings on the ND end side.
Both bearings are fitted with a regreasing system.
The used grease is removed through a valve locked in the outer bearing cover. 
Sleeve bearings available as an option.
On request special bearings are designed where high radial and axial forces are applied.

Optional features

  • flanged shaft or special shaft end on both sides
  • increase protection degree up to IP56
  • encoder
  • vibration sensors
  • special frame design to suite the application
  • special bearings (sleeve or angular contact bearings)
  • reinforced winding for VFD operation
  • insulated bearings design for VFD application
  • shaft earth brush for VFD application
  • other options available on request
Poles kW 50 Hz
4 4200
6 4750
8 4300
10 3350
Poles kW 60 Hz
4 4700
6 5450
8 4850
10 3850