Mark X

Model: Mark X

Frame size: 500 ÷ 560

Technology: ANALOGUE

Regulator: Mark X

Part number: 10005161

Compliance: CE

Main Data

Generator frame size: On request | 630÷800

AVR supply: PMG

Voltage sensing: Three phase

Voltage remote control: Arrangement

Radio interference supressor: Internal

MARK X: 10005161

Over-exitation device: Arrangement for varicomp

Parallel operation with the mains: Arrangement for device

Parallel operation with similar generators: Arrangement

Standard protections: Over-excitation

Limiters: Under-frequency

Function: Auxiliary inputs

Electrical characteristics

Power supply voltage: 170 ÷ 277 Vac @ 100/120 Hz

Power supply source: PMG

Voltage build-up: 5 Vac

Voltage sensing type: 1-phase / 3-phase

Voltage sensing range: 170 ÷ 480 Vac

Current sensing type: 1-phase

Current sensing range: 1 A

Maximum continuative field current: 0 ÷ 8 Adc

Maximum forcing field current: 0 ÷ 15 Adc

Maximum field voltage: 100 Vdc

Field resistance: 3 Ω ÷ 20 Ω

Regulation accuracy from no load to full load: ±0.5 %

Steady state accuracy: ±0.1 %

Accuracy with ±4% engine governing: ±1 %

Thermal Drift: ±0.5 %

Response time: 1 cycle

Operating temperature: -30°C ÷ +70°C

Storage temperature: -40°C ÷ +80°C


Interface: Potentiometers, dip-switches

Function: Droop compensation

Under-frequency limiter
Over-excitation limiter
Internal fuse, replaceable


External potentiometer: 100 kΩ- 1 W
External DC voltage signal (-3/+3 V) 

Dimensions and weight

L: 180mm

B: 170mm

K: 160mm

J: 150mm

H: 41mm

D: 6.5mm

Weight: 670g

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