Hybrid Renewable Microgrid Solution

Meeting the power challenges of Sustainable Hybrid Microgrids

Arzignano – 10th October, 2022

Marelli experts talked power solutions at the recent Enlit Asia 2022 event in Bangkok, on reducing excess power use with less wasted energy and ending grid dependency.

The rapid development of Hybrid Microgrids as local, self-sufficient energy networks that are flexible, efficient, and quick to deploy was a main discussion topic at the conference.

Often linked directly to renewable energy resources (RER) Hybrid Microgrids use clean power generation while retaining the ability to work inside larger electrical transmission systems.

To address the challenges of microgrid efficiency and sustainability senior technical experts from Langley Holdings’ Power Solutions Division – Piller Power Systems, Bergen Engines and Marelli Motori attended the event.

In a detailed session, speaker Palaniappan Muthuraman, Managing Director, Piller Power Singapore Pte. Ltd demonstrated the many aspects of microgrid implementation and the immediate requirements for balancing power and stabilisation.  Therese Aalhus, Head of Engineering,  Bergen Engines AS, also took to the stage in the Clean Energy Knowledge hub presenting their H2-ready engines and their path towards a zero-carbon future.

With the world’s energy system is in transition, all commercial power users whether energy intensive single facilities such as a data centers, manufacturing plant, or a cluster of users such as a technology park or campus that uses large amounts of electricity, must transition to renewables and replace fossil fuels.

Increasingly this will be achieved using RER connected microgrids.

A hybrid renewable microgrid approach benefits intensive power users by eliminating excess power use, reducing wasted energy, while ending grid dependency and lowering overall carbon footprint.

Each step is vital to reaching the world’s 2050 net zero goal.

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The Power Solutions Division approach to Hybrid Renewable Microgrids provides resilience for self-recovery, voltage and frequency control and fault management.

Our experts will be available to discuss Hybrid Microgrid technologies and power solutions at Enlit Europe in Frankfurt, Germany, November 29th – December 1st this year.

Email powersolutions@langleyholdings.com to arrange a conversation.

The Power Solutions Team at Enlit Asia 2022

Therese Aalhus, Head of Engineering, Bergen Engines AS, presented Bergen Engine’s journey to zero carbon emission.

2nd from the right: Palaniappan Muthuraman, Managing Director, Piller Power Singapore, with colleagues, shared their insight into Hybrid Renewable Microgrid Solutions.

About Marelli Motori
Marelli Motori employs around 630 people with extensive manufacturing facilities at its Arzignano headquarters and own subsidiaries in South Africa, Asia, Europe and USA. The company also has an extended sales, distribution and service network across four continents, supplying products to more than 120 countries.

On 24 May 2019, Marelli Motori was acquired by Langley Holdings plc, the British engineering and industrial manufacturing group.

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