Marelli Motori Power of 10 co-generation for energy intensive sectors

Powering the infrastructure needed for the world’s transition to clean energy in order to hit net zero goals must be achieved while ensuring major industries have the ability to operate.

Sustainable power co-generation has never been more important to all sectors. This includes advanced manufacturing of next generation digital technologies, for large scale traditional manufacturing sites, for hyperscale data centres or to support the green energy transition from ageing power generation and traditional power grid networks.

Grid constraints are threatening to delay the development and connection of renewables just as these energy intensive industries are seeking both power security and a path to sustainability.

That is why Marelli Motori, as part of the Power Solutions division of Langley Holdings plc. have helped develop The Power of 10 – a completely new scale of cogeneration microgrid on-site power.

The combined set of technologies are designed for grid interactive bi-directional power flow. The components make grid coupling and decoupling efficient and low risk. The hybrid microgrid system works equally well when integrated with local renewables, with traditional grids or operating independently.

The Power of 10 hybrid modular microgrid solution combines specially designed Marelli 10MW alternators with hydrogen ready engines, and power conditioning and stabilisation technologies as a future-proof power security solution for power hungry industrial sectors.

The Power of 10 building block deployments start at 30MW and scale to 300MW+ delivered in 10MW units of scalable primary power generation with integrated 10MW alternators and conditioning technology.

Each 10MW system comprises a 10MW Marelli Motori alternator specifically designed for Bergen Engines’ hydrogen-ready 10MW medium speed engine generating set. To ensure independent power delivery the system includes a revolutionary 10MW choke, from Piller Power Systems with 4 2.5MW power conditioning, modules featuring Integrated Power Conditioning Technology (IPCT).

The Power of 10 is a true ‘grow as you need’ co-generation solution for energy security and power quality delivery.

About Marelli Motori 
Marelli Motori is a leading manufacturer of electric motors and generators. Founded in Arzignano, northern Italy, in 1891, the company enjoys worldwide brand recognition in the marine, oil & gas, power generation, co-generation, hydro and other industrial sectors. Marelli Motori is part of the Power Solutions Division of the British engineering and industrial group, Langley Holdings plc, together with Bergen Engines, Norway and Piller Power Systems, Germany.

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