Technical Features

SERIES: MJBM (Low Voltage) / MJHM (Medium Voltage)
POWER: Up to 12000 kVA
VOLTAGE: Up to 15000 V
FRAME: 315 – 1250
POLES: 4 to 12
FREQUENCY: 50, 60 Hz or variable speed
PROTECTION DEGREE (IP): 23 (up to 44 on request)
AVR: E-Vo up to 630 frame; D-Vo Light above (Low Voltage) / D-Vo Light (Medium Voltage)
BEARINGS: antifriction or sleeve (on request)
APPLICATIONS: Auxiliary Generator, Shaft Generator, Hybrid Machine, Variable speed generator, Off-shore, PTO-PTI system
STANDARDS: IEC 60034-1 – BS 4999-5000 – NEMA MG 1.32
CERTIFICATIONS: Marine Survey Certificate

Main Options:

  • Flanged shaft for direct coupling with engine flywheel (in case of single bearing solution)
  • Reinforced construction for high linear vibrations
  • Inlet and outlet filters for increased protection degree up to IP44
  • Raised feet to match engine baseframe dimensions (B20 – IM1101)
  • Dedicated current transformer installed on neutral point (differential protection and measurement)
  • Insulated bearing and earthing brush
  • Excitation/overboosting PMG mounted on generator
  • Arrangement for rotor earth fault protection 64R
  • Arrangement for vibration sensors


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