Vicenza’s foremost industrial forum to be held at Marelli Motori

Vicenza’s foremost industrial forum

Marelli Motori, Italy’s leading manufacturer of industrial electric motors and generators, will welcome well over 1,000 of the country’s industry and government leaders to its headquarters near Vicenza for the prestigious annual General Assembly of Confindustria Vicenza 2023.

Around 1200 delegates will attend the three-hour conference on October 20th, followed by a banquet dinner at the company in the evening.

“We are very proud to host Confindustria 2023 and to be welcoming so many esteemed guests to our headquarters here in Arzignano” said Alessandro Pedroni, Co-CEO Operations, Marelli Motori.

The annual conference brings together industrial leaders and leading politicians to discuss economic issues and industrial policies with an overview of development strategies. The event will be covered by national media.

Marelli Motori Headquarters – Arzignano (VI) where the company will host the Confindustria Vicenza 2023 General Assembly on 20 October.

About Confindustria

The General Confederation of Italian Industry, commonly known as Confindustria, comprises of 222 industry associations representing over 150,000 companies and more than 5 million individuals.  The annual conference is one of Italy’s largest showpiece industry events and brings together leaders from across Italian industry along with local, regional and national political figures.

About Marelli Motori 

Marelli Motori is a leading manufacturer of electric motors and generators. Founded in Arzignano, northern Italy, in 1891, the company enjoys worldwide brand recognition in the marine, oil & gas, power generation, co-generation, hydro and other industrial sectors. Marelli Motori is part of the Power Solutions Division of the British engineering and industrial group, Langley Holdings, together with Bergen Engines, Norway and Piller Power Systems, Germany.

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